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This website is now largely redundant – all the good bits having been moved elsewhere.

If you’re looking for cycling or automotive photography, you’ll find it at any of the following URLs (they all go to the same place!)





If you’re looking for the more arty, non-bike-related stuff. that’s all on 500px (where, ironically, we’re ‘trackcycling’) and you can find it at




We have two Facebook Pages – Guy Swarbrick’s Photography and trackcycling.

We’re also in Instagram as ‘iamtrackcycling’, flickr as ‘swarbrick’ and ‘trackcycling’, Facebook as ‘trackcycling’ and Google+ as ‘Guy Swarbrick’.

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Junior Tour of the Mendips 2013

Photos from this weekend’s racing are at


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SCCU Good Friday Meeting 2013

Pictures from the 110th Anniversary Good Friday Meeting at Herne Hill Velodrome featuring Robert Foerstemann now available


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Worlds 2013

Most of the galleries from the 2013 UCI Track Cycling World Championships are now up at http://swarbrick.com/gallery/

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The Army Cycling Union’s “Are You Tough Enough?” 2012

Click the sample image, then click again to see the full size file


All the pictures from AYTE are up in the galleries. Sorted by 6, 4 and 2 hour and fun riders, there are just under 2,500 pictures available!

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Imperial Winter Series – Hillingdon

Hope all of our customers had a good Christmas. We’re off to Round 5 of the Imperial Winter Series at Hillingdon today. We’ve been at all the rounds so far and we’re trying to do something a little different photographically at each round. Let us know what you think.

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National Youth & Junior Track Championships 2011


Photos from the National Youth and Junior Track Championships are now available to buy – from £6 for a ‘wallpaper’-sized image file to £40 for all the images of a single rider at the event – plus prints from 8×6″ to canvas art prints. Click on the images below to go to the galleries.

Day 1


Day 1
Under 12 Boys Omnium

Under 12 Girls Omnium

Under 16 Boys Individual Pursuit





Day 2


Day 2
Under 14 Boys Omnium

Under 14 Girls Omnium

Under 16 Girls Sprint

Under 16 Boys Scratch




Day 3


Day 3
Under 16 Girls Individual Pursuit

Under 16 Boys Points

Junior Men’s Scratch

Junior Women’s Points Race




Day 4


Day 4
Under 16 Girls Scratch

Under 16 Boys 500m Time Trial

Junior Men’s 1km Time Trial

Junior Women’s Scratch

Under 16 Girls Scratch

Junior Men’s Points


Day 5


Day 5
Junior Men’s Sprint

Under 16 Boys Sprint

Junior Men’s Individual Pursuit

Under 16 Girls Points

Junior Women’s 500m Time Trial



Day 6


Day 6
Under 16 Boys Sprint

Junior Womens Sprint

Under 16 Girls 500m Time Trial

Junior Womens Individual Pursuit

Junior Men’s Keirin



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Worlds 2011 Prints

At last, prints are now available from the 2011 World Track Champs in Apeldoorn. 2010, 2009 and the 2009 and 2011 World Cups in Manchester will follow shortly.



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Anthony Maynard Sportive 2011

The pictures from this weekend’s event are now online at http://gallery.sussexsportphot​ography.com/a.tlx?k=1kvzgyt

Flavio Zappi - Fastest 195km rider

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Are You Tough Enough?

All 1800 images from the Army’s endurance mountain bike event are up here now. We’re in the process of tagging them all with your race numbers, but it’s going to take a while – we’ve done just over half so far. You should also look out for photos tagged ‘NoNumber’ – some are riders out practising, but most are side-on shots where we couldn’t see the number – it could be you!

If you’d like a hi-res file of any of the images, they’re £6 each. Email the file names to guy@swarbrick.com and the payment to the same address at PayPal. There should be photos of everyone – and there should be a dozen or so of most 6 hour riders. Nobody pays more than £40 for images of a single rider from a single event, so if you’ve found 6 or more, pay £40 and email us your race number and we’ll sort the rest out.

We don’t do automatic downloads because we hand check and edit every image before we send them out. That does mean it can take a day or two – especially in the first few days after the event. If an image looks a little dark.or over exposed, don’t worry – we only upload them if we’re confident we can fix them. And if we can’t, we’ll refund your payment.

We can do prints, too – from 10×7″ to A1 – email us for details.

The gallery below is great for browsing quickly, but for hunting through or searching by race number, you may find this easier.

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