Initially as a contributor to – then as editor of – trackcycling I’ve shot the Track Worlds in Manchester, Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Australia, Belarus, Colombia, Paris, London and Hong Kong. I have covered the entire World Cup series in Mexico,  UK and Colombia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Canada and Chile.

I also cover grass roots cycling – from my local track league to youth and junior road racing – and recently started to cover more Elite road racing. At Glasgow 2014 – where I covered all the cycling disciplines and even found a little time to take in some hockey and athletics and at Gold Coast 2018 I will cover all the cycling events.  My cycling clients include British Cycling – at youth, junior, elite and world level – the UCI, Cycling Weekly, Cycling New Zealand, Cycling Australia, Cycling Ireland, the Malaysian Cycling Federation,, Swiss Cycling, USA Cycling and Welsh Cycling. Other clients include AROC UK, Osprey Books, The Register and Skuwizz Ltd.

Recently, I got back in to shooting cars with my involvement with the Alfa Romeo Owners Club on an events coverage basis and with The Register editorially 2015 has seen that side of the business expand with magazine and client ‘portrait’ shoots.

I am a member of the Sports Journalists Association, the Association Internationale des Journalistes du Cyclisme, the Association International de la Presse Sportive, the Society of International Sport and Leisure Photographers and the Society of International Media and Press Photographers.

You can find me on Facebook and Twitter – or get in touch using the form below.